Welcome To Youth With A Mission, Vunayasi, Fiji



Following the call of God is more than just packing a bag and going to a far off land. It means that there is a time for preparation in every area of life. This is our Discipleship Training School (DTS) is all about. Come and join us.


All students and staff are housed together in bures (Fijian name for houses with some traditional aspects). Each one learns to live together and grow together as a community of believers.


Students are impacted by the lectures and ministry that are conducted. Then the students and staff go on an outreach together. Lives are healed and made whole as they journey through the whole discipleship program.

Introduction To The Vuniyasi - Nadi Base

Thank you for visiting us. We are excited to be able to meet you. YWAM Vuniyasi is based in a rural area of the bustling town of Nadi in Fiji. We have a few cabins, bathroom and toilet facilities and a full kitchen and dining hall that doubles as the lecture room.

Vuniyasi Base

If you want to experience life as a missionary while learning about missions in a Youth With A Mission environment, then YWAM Nadi - Fiiji might be the right place for you.

Discipleship Training School
A six months to focus on Jesus that will transform your life forever. This program is designed to mobilize,empower, equip young Christians to impact the world,the opportunity to grow in god is endless.

School of frontier Mission
A school which will equip the individuals further into taking the gospel into the unreached

Kings kids Ministry
Giving the children of 6-18 years of age opportunity to be trained to take the gospel to the lost

We are very much involved with the community in regards to the neighborhood watch zone along with the development projects eg our road. This goes the same with our community church which most of our staff and students are committed to.

Community Building

We also involve ourselves with the kids of the community we run kids club every Thursday whereby we pick up the kids (from the age of 3 – 18 years old) that live close by set up enjoyable programs for the kids afterwards we drop them back to their homes.

Who Can Join Us:

  • Any person meaning (age 17-80) who is available to give themselves devotedly for mission
  • Anyone who can live and learn cross culturally and be effective in their mission with whatever skill you have that you know that you can use it for the extension of our Lord’s Kingdom

For Families
We are limited in our Housing but if you really feel this is where you are to be, please contact us and we will talk about the details.

Three S’s – March 2015 Newsletter

Bula Vinaka again from your family in the canefields of Nadi. Its march and we wanted to update you a little on our corner.

Dance Presentation

                                                    The Boys doing an Item

Firstly as we had always done is saying VINAKA VAKALEVU for your partnership in all that God is doing here in our Vunayasi base.Your partnership strengthens us and encourages our hearts in many ways. We look forward into journeying with you again through 2015.We are forever great full for each of you and we want to encourage you again through Ephesians this month that we are chosen, predestined for his ultimate purpose.

Three S’s Sited in the heavenly places, Son ship and Standing our ground are the promises for you and us.Greater is he who is in us than the enemy that is in the world.Whatever you go through and whatever may come your way let your Choice glorify Him alone.

2015 Students

              Students for 2015

Our DTS is running well and we have sixteen students. Fourteen from Fiji,One from Australia and One from the Solomon Islands.We are in our fourth week on the “FATHER HEART OF GOD” and its been an amazing journey for this students and all of us carrying them through.Learning the Nature and Character of God,Hearing Gods voice, Intercession and Spiritual Warfare has strengthened each of the students in their walk with God. For some its been a new discovery,for some its been an encouragement to go hard after him,for some its allowing the Lord to visit the broken places to be made strong in Him.

We laugh together,cry together,learn together above all its beautiful to see them flapping their wings determined to soar as to whatever heights God will take them to.We will be going to the Solomon and Marshall Islands for outreach.The students are in the process of hearing God as to where he will lead them to go.We are all growing and loving the nurturing season we are in.

Students Song

             Song Item by Students

Kids Club is going well and God has been challenging us to build up on their relationship with God.Meaning, actually teaching them to hear his voice and prepare them into knowing their Hope in God at a very early age.We have some Indians and we are the very source of truth about Jesus to them.We also have started in another location through the help of the Samaritan Purse.Kids love gift and so does mum and dad so this is a good evangelism tool in bringing their attention as to why they get Gift and above all the FREE GIFT Jesus brought for them.

For the Base more Land is being process(which is the gift given by the landowners)please pray for this because one of the brother is actually not very impress with this. We know that when God is for us who can be against us.Animals are growing so we need the space for more. Also this march we are waiting for friends from Canada to come and help build for more Accommodation.Please pray that they will make it. Our staff is growing in number and we are so proud of them.All genuinely growing and we are truly proud leaders.

Photo Time

                                                               Close Up Photo

Esther and Elenoa are co-leading the current DTS while Ledua oversees them.We are taking on few hours of prayers every day and it has build up all our prayer lives but we all know that its not enough.


  • Pray that the dts will see financial breakthrough and make it to outreach destinations
  • Past SOFM students who are all in different stages of prepping for intern to make it to their locations.
  • Our next SOFM in August partnership with Samoa and out into the unreach tribes in the islands than onward bound to Asia.(Speakers,students,Bio gas Provision.)
  • Kids Club to be a powerful evangelism tool for our Community
  • Financial Provision for our Base Leaders traveling Schedules for teaching and Meetings
  • God will provide Key people for our House of Prayer.

Thank you again for your time and support.we hope you have been encouraged as you read our news. Please feel free to email us in how we could be praying for you and your family. Also if felt led to give financially we would be happy to instruct you as to how.The Lord be your shield always.

Vika .